Top 5 essay topics

Top 5 essay topics

That teachers give top grades for There are very few topics that your teacher or professor is going to prefer over others and grade higher as a result. But, there are ballpark areas you can aim for that will greatly improve your chances of getting a better grade. Here are five examples you can learn from.

1) The topics that agree with their bias

Your teachers are human and they have their own beliefs and bias. As you work through the year with your teacher, you should be picking up where your teacher is biased and then use it to get a better grade. Start a topic that you know your teacher has an opinion on and then side the way your teacher would side with it. The trick is manipulative, but it beats getting a lower grade.

2) Topics that show you have paid attention in class

There are subjects that some students are struggling with in class. Pick those for your topics and prove that you listened and that the other students don’t understand because they are dumb and not because you have a bad teacher.

3) Personal topics that express something personal about the writer

These may be graded higher because they are more personal. Things that are personal and almost secret are the best, but stay away from anything negative or your teacher will think less of you.

4) Improvements for the school and praise for what it does right

Saying how the school may be improved could win you a place in the teacher’s heart if he or she agrees with you. There should also be a lot of positive messages in the essay too so it doesn’t appear as if you are complaining.

5) What I would do with a million dollars

Fantasy fulfillment is a personal favorite of some professors because it takes them out of reality and they can put themselves in your shoes for a little while. It can be fun for them to read what you would do with lots of money or super powers. Just do not go for clich answers such as create world peace, etc.

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